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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

the ghost of DSiH returns

In a fit of pique last fall, I moved my blog to another host (sordid details have no place here; my misplaced frustrations have been resolved :> ). I hasten to state that I had no beef with Blogspot; I just wanted to get out of Dodge.

Meanwhile, Blogspot blogs (bloggity blogblog!) recognize me in their Comments section. This would be kewl, except that often there's no option to log in as a non-Blogspot contributor... which means that my "Yesrie" signature is a link to nowhere. :-I It's annoying (and confusing to other bloggers) to put in a second signature, but that's what I've been doing.

It appears that Blogspot is allowing me to recreate DSiH here with the same old URL, so at least the link above can redirect you.

I'll be thinking of what I can/should do with this one, but I post at a glacial pace anyway so don't hold your breath :>

And thanks.


  • Hi, I saw you at DDDragon's place. :-)

    When I moved to Wordpress, I kept my blogger profile. To get it to point to my new blog, I put my URL on the first page of the profile where there is a field for 'my website'. it shows up in the side under 'contact'. try it on mine and see if that would work for you.

    By Blogger Kyahgirl, at 5/25/2006 9:04 AM  

  • Thank you so much, K! I've done it :-D and I also wedged links into that inscrutable top "About" category on the sidebar.

    After tweaking my Wordpress one for 5 months, I'm amazed at how stripped-down the Blogspot template looks! (Give me any clean space and I'll clutter it up in record time :> )

    P.S. LOL! Even I have to enter a word verification! I don't get no respect...

    By Blogger Yesrie, at 5/25/2006 9:34 AM  

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